Anant Pharmasol Private Limited

Our Services

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Impurity and reference compound synthesis

With a long experience in the multistep synthesis of complex reference compounds, enzyme substrates and impurities in process development, we can undertake all such synthetic tasks ensuring timely delivery of desired compounds.

Process development

Non infringing, efficient process development is our expertise including reduction of steps and a special emphasis on the purity and yields of the intermediates involved in the process.

Medicinal chemistry

Hit to preclinical candidate discovery chemistry

We undertake FTE based preclinical drug discovery projects and run Hit, Lead and preclinical candidate campaigns including scale ups of desired candidate molecules with required purity for appropriate developmental stage.


  • Designing synthetic routes
  • Optimization of yields, purity and scale-ups
  • Drug target validation
  • Creating and managing drug target portfolio
  • New lab installations
  • Evaluation and management of discovery projects