Anant Pharmasol Private Limited

Management Team

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Dr Sanjeev A Kulkarni

Dr Sanjeev Kulkarni brings in more than three decades of experience in pharmaceutical industry. Trained as a Ph. D. organic chemist, he worked in process chemistry along with discovery for initial ten years. He also got a three and half year post-doctoral training in structure based drug designing from Institute of structural Biology and Drug Designing of Medical College of Virginia, VA, USA. He also spent little more than three years in one of the multinational world leader company learning basics of high throughput screening in ligand based drug discovery. ...He has more than a dozen of patents and research papers to his credit. Apart from developing his own scientific and technical capabilities, training and mentoring at all levels and building high performance teams in India and abroad in synthetic and discovery chemistry has been the part of his job for last two decades. Along with managing and optimizing the performance of synthetic chemistry teams in various leading pharmaceutical organizations, evaluation of new drug targets, managing the preclinical discovery projects, helping create and manage the drug target portfolio has been the part of his regular responsibilities for some of the leading pharmaceutical companies. During these years he also got hands on training in discovery related biology like enzymology, sub-cloning and expression of gene, in-vitro assays, in-vivo assays, management of physico-chemical properties of organic compounds all the way up to preclinical toxicity descriptors management.

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Dr Devavrat S. Kulkarni

Dr Devavrat Kulkarni is a practicing medical doctor trained in Russia, presently engaged as a paediatrician in India. He developed keen interest in bioscience and pharmacological research due to his early association with new drug discovery labs in USA. He decided to pursue biology and pharmacology in the process of new drug discovery, along with his medical career. He brings in that expertise along with medical field reports and statistics. He is also overseeing and envisioning the commercial impacts of novel discovery targets. Another important responsibility he assumes is to seek new drug discovery opportunities in the areas where new medicines matter the most.